New Chess Tourneys!

Being totally inactive in the chess scene during the pandemic, I have not been even aware of the new types of chess tournaments taking place in Malaysia. Until now when I saw some FB postings and the new chess tournaments look amazingly interesting!

Hafiz AB Facebook

View Video Below

Playing Chess on the phone in a tourney!

Online but In-Person

This one is taken from Hafiz AB Facebook (link above) at Malakat Mall and we see players sit a rows of chairs socially distanced with their mobile devices playing online chess! So this is a unique mix of online and over the board chess (without the physical board and pieces).

What about Cheating?

I have always been suspect how can we have serious online competition without cheating despite FIDE recommended procedures like having audio and webcam with arbiters to monitor the players online. There is just too many avenues to cheat. Anyway this method where the players are physically there in a group seems way better at deterring cheating.

Mobile device allowed

But I hear. someone ask “The mobile device themselves are medium to cheat!!”. Yes but I think with monitoring that can be minimised or avoided altogether. It looks promising. But I have not experienced this to comment further. Perhaps some feedback from the people who have participated?

Sorry if you are already used to this new mode of chess but I am still wrapping my head round this new way of playing competitive chess. 🙂

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