IM Giam Choo Kwee – RIP

Today is a sad day as I found out that IM Giam Choo Kwee passed away 2 days ago.

I didn’t know him well but I did know of him all the way from the first Malaysian Open which was 15 years ago. It was only the last 4 years we got to talk – my fault as I…

2018 Praque Open results

GM Pacher Milan won the event on tie break over FM Chekletsov Ilya. Both had 7.5 points out of 9 rounds.

So, why is a distant tournament in Praque, Czechoslovakia posted on this blog? Apparently there was a Malaysian finishing at position 114. Thoug…

Malaysia Olympiad Team

These are the Malaysian representative to the 2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad:

Seed: 105       Malaysia (Average Rating:2206)
Captain: Nik Nik Ahmad Farouqi
Bo. Name Rtg
1 CM Fong Yit San 2108

Alekhine Nouri wins Borneo Juniors 2018

Photo credits: Gilbert Castro Pascua

Alekhine Nouri won the event with a score of 8/9 points in a field that saw a whopping 187 players taking part in the BORNEO INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (JUNIOR) 2018 which was held on the 4-5 August 2018. Al…

Chess Engines on the Mac

Yes I know I have retired from playing chess but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know who is better and what position a strong player messed up and when. I can only do that if there is another strong player beside me or if I have a chess engine. B…