Month: February 2019

NMA-SG SAHABAT NMA-SG ROSES NMA-SG QUEENS NMA-SG PUTERI NMA-SG PRINCESS NMA-SG PENDEKAR NMA-SG PAHLAWAN NMA-SG KINGSMEN NMA-SG KINGHUNTERS NMA-SG FIGHTERS NMA-SG DRAGONS NMA-SG AVENGERS NMA-SG WARRIORS The above is the list of teams sent by Noble Mind Academy for the GACC Open Team Championship held at Dewan Chanselor University Malaya on the 27th January 2019. […]

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Even though they each had to cancel one event out of the crazy multiple events they registered at Gibraltar because of fatigue, both FM Lim Zhuo Ren and Teh Wee Zhun still found success winning category prizes. Additionally, FM Lim Zhuo Ren was champion in the Mix Pair Mlitz event with WGM Irine Kharisma Sukandar. […]

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