Malaysian Open – Round 1

Malaysian Open – Round 1

Round 1

Results followed the stronger ELO players overpowering the weaker except for the following:

Kaushal Khandar playing Black, held GM Deepan Chakkravarthy to a draw.

WFM Diajeng Theresa Singgih held FM Wong YInn Long to a draw. There is a 500 points rating difference between the two but probably not surprising as the WFM is under-rated having lost ELO points over the years with her highest rating being 2164.

GM Nguyen was held to a draw by Lasama, Claudio Vargues Vasco. The latter was playing White.

Steven Tan defeated FM Masruru Rahman.

WGM Janelle Mae Frayna was held to a draw by Marrhuimawan, Maximiliano who is about 500 ELO points lower than the WGM.

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