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http://chess-asia.com/ While I was in Europe I realised Chess Asia was down when seeing an empty screen with only the default WordPress theme desplayed without

I love this romantic comedy movie and it’s about Drew Barrymore who plays an amnesiac whose short term memory can only retain the last 24

Bo.   Name Pts. Pts.   Name 1 FM Wong Yinn Long  5½ 5 IM Chakravarthi Reddy M  2 IM Setyaki Azarya Jodi  5 5

After a win against Penang Open top seed and recent Johor Open Champion, GM Vitaly Sivuk, 17 year old Wong Yinn Long takes over as

My student was playing against the adult player, Lim Sim Leong A closed position was reached and both sides started repeating moves. Student offered a

This is a story about how a grown up man cheated an 8 year old kid of half-point in a chess tournament. My student (let’s