FIDE Chess Mom Initiative

FIDE Chess Mom Initiative

FIDE Chess Mom Initiative

Focus Chess Moms: FIDE’s Progressive Initiative

The Commission for Women’s Chess (CWC) has launched the ChessMom pilot initiative, aiming to provide essential support to professional female chess players who are also mothers of infants under one year old. This initiative recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in the chess world and seeks to create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

The Key Features of the ChessMom Initiative:

Caregiver Support: Under this program, FIDE will cover all expenses related to an accompanying caregiver for ten female players traveling with their infants to the 45th Chess Olympiad in Budapest, Hungary. This practical support acknowledges the dual responsibilities that these women carry—both as chess players and as mothers.

Inclusivity: By inviting federations, clubs, and players themselves to submit applications, the initiative actively involves the chess community. It encourages transparency and collaboration, emphasizing that everyone has a role to play in supporting these talented chess moms.

Documentation Requirements: Applicants must provide information about the mother and child, along with a Letter of Concurrence from their National Federation confirming their status as part of the National Team. This ensures that the initiative benefits those who genuinely need it.

Global Reach: The ChessMom initiative has already received applications from diverse countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Mauritius, and Eswatini. This global participation highlights the universal nature of the challenges faced by chess-playing mothers.

This iniatitive will inspire Future Generations: When chess moms see that their unique needs are acknowledged and addressed, it sends a powerful message to aspiring young players. It says, “You can be a chess champion as well as a loving parent.”

Looking Ahead:
As the submission period closes on May 29, 2024, we eagerly await the success stories that will emerge from this initiative. Chess moms, once relegated to the sidelines, are now at the forefront of change. Their resilience, determination, and love for both chess and family will undoubtedly enrich the chess community and inspire generations to come. Bravo, FIDE!

The ChessMom initiative is a step in the right direction, but continued efforts are needed to create a truly equitable chess world—one where all players, regardless of gender or family status, can thrive.

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